Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's February!!

*To the tune of Friday*

It's February, February, gonna get down in February. Lookin' forward to an email, email....

That's right my jolly good friends.  We all (as in the YES hopefuls) receive our semi-finalist emails at the end of February.  The results being good or bad.  Preferably wonderful.  The countdown has officially started for us.  I don't know the exact date of the notifications, but my rough date is February 24.  It's a Friday, and at the end of the month. 

Next week is our Winter Spirit Week in the land of HHS.  The theme is Harry Potter, which makes me indescribably joyful.  The Junior class is Slytherin, which makes me all kinds of happy.  However, I'm fine with this possibly being the last Winter Spirit Week I go through.  I don't mean that in a "Ugh, I'm so tired of this school," way, but more of a I'd-much-rather-be-studying-abroad-than-rubbing-up-on-each-other-at-the-dance attitude.  Not my thing...

Not much else is going on in the Land of Olivia, aside from the fact that I am tentatively applying for the AFS Turkey year program in case I don't get into YES...but there is a very small chance I will be able to scrounge up $12,500, even if I do win something from Global Leaders.  I shall try my hardest though!  If I can't do it...I suppose I will apply to YES again, NSLI-Y, and talk to Rotary about a gap year to Turkey.  I will study abroad.  I'm determined!  I need to see the world, and I want to know what else is out there.

For now, I leave you with this.

I'm not normally a fan of Taylor Swift, but something about this song really gets to me.... I suppose it's because of all that has happened recently with my Great-Grandma... I'm still struggling with that.

This is another side note, music can be more powerful than just about anything.  It lets me breath, and brings a mass amount of joy, motivation, and inspiration to my life.


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