Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Hello lovely people!

You might be wondering what is going on.  Why is Olivia posting on a Tuesday?  Why is this post not spaced out by a week like the others are?  Well, that's because I find out about YES in (hopefully) 2 days.  I'm a bit spastic and need to vent.

This is so close it is almost unbelievable.  Did I really submit my application a month and a half ago?  Are there really only three days left?  Do I really have reason to hope that I am a semi-finalist.  I hope so.  So many hopes.  So many dreams.

So, it may seem like my AFS Turkey dream sort of dropped off the face of the Earth.  Kind of, not really.  I didn't end up applying for the Global Leaders Scholarship because we didn't have the $900 for the application deposit.  I have the entire application done (I just need to scan a few things in), I just can't submit it.  Oh the woes of attempting to go on a several thousand dollar exchange.  I'm still trying my hardest, if I can come up with the money by the time my application is due, I will submit it.  If not...YES is my only exchange hope.

Well, in all honesty, there't not much more to write about.  I've spent more time than I care to mention in the HHS costume room working on the Xanadu costumes (primarily the centaur).  It pretty much consumed my four day weekend.  I went to Ikea with one of my best friends Sunday, which was fantastic.

So, how about we have music time! :D

Olivia's Tuesday Playlist:

This is the band I am seeing at the end of March :)  (VIP tickets baby)
Despite all of the chill songs that I have been posting, I am a metal and hardcore girl at heart :)

My friend and I in the children's section of Ikea

Now that's all from 93.3 LIV, always rocking the Rockies.  Good night everyone.


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