Saturday, February 11, 2012

13 days... DUN DUN DUN

Hello all!

Well, the title says it all.  If my assumption that we will receive our YES notifications on February 24th is correct, there are 13 days left.  Also, I submitted my application a month ago today.  I suppose the weeks have flown by, but not without a small pit of worry nestled in my stomach 99% of the day.  However, I've been so busy that I haven't had a lot of time to dwell on it.  To be blunt, I feel like simultaneously banging my head against this keyboard, and using it as a pillow.  This week has been insane.  We have a 4 day weekend next week though, so hopefully I will have some time to relax.

As for my AFS Turkey application and Global Leaders Merit Scholarship...they are coming along as well as possible.  My scholarship essay is written in sections, I just have to meld it together.  I am also waiting for people to sign papers for my application.  I recently found out that the entire thing is due on the 15th.  Along with 900 some odd dollars.  Once everything is turned in, I can breathe again.  Well, after the 24th if I find out about YES.  If I become a semi-finalist there's more holding of my breath until finalist announcements...then if I get's one big waiting game isn't it?  Deep breath.  AAAAHHHHHH. O_O

On to things that aren't exchange related.

I recently took my first drum lesson with my Dad.  I think I did fairly well, aside from some general confusion in the beginning.  Who knew counting to four could be so damn difficult?  I've never been good with numbers.... (don't take that too seriously, I'm not that awful at math...)  But really, trying to move both hands and your feet at the same time on different counts makes my brain want to cry.

Yay for the sparkly green drums! And for my awkward face.

Today I was holed up in the costume room at school for the Xanadu tech day.  Working on a centaur costume.  I was there from 10 am to 3 pm, and I am not even near being done.  I've gotten quite a few odd looks from people who have no idea what I'm working on.  I can imagine it is odd looking, seeing as it is a chicken wire tube covered in foam for the torso, with wood sticks for legs.  Everything is getting multiple layers of foam added on to it, along with some fur.  I was working with a hot glue gun that oozed molten glue.  I have nubs for fingers now.  Nubs.  

This is what happens when we spend far too much time in the costume room.  Yes, that is an iron in her hand.

Last but not least I will leave you with a song that I have had on repeat for about 3 days.  I have fallen in love with Gotye, and wish dearly that the show wasn't sold out.  Oh well, I will just have to content myself with listening to their music 24/7.

That's all for today!  Have a wonderful week, and I will keep you all updated.


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