Wednesday, February 29, 2012



Oh my goodness, words can't even describe how excited I am.  I saw the letter in a dead-silent computer lab full of people at school.  I then had to drive home (15 minutes) and wait for the page to load.  I started sobbing when I read it.  Here's the video of me opening it.  Please excuse my awful crying face...

Wow...I'm so grateful.  And so blissfully happy.  There are 90 semi-finalists.  55 spots.  The odds aren't too bad now.  The IPSE is in Denver (no travel needed) on March 24-26.  I have 24 days.  Then the finalist emails go out in mid to late April.  In two months, I will know what I am doing next year. The outbound wait is a very long one.  I will post more later, but at the moment I am too excited to type.  Sorry for any typos :D


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