Saturday, January 28, 2012

A little bit of life...

For those of you who know me, you know that I have a rather large adoration for foreign countries.  I'd rather eat Indian food (despite the spice that makes me feel like I am going to spontaneously combust) than a large burger.  In fact, I'm not a huge fan of burgers in general.  As for prom, I am going to wear a sari instead of a poofy, cookie cutter dress that has been mass produced and worn to proms across the nation countless times.  Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against them, they just aren't my thing.  Who knows, my sari could be mass produced as well.  

Onto the topic at hand.  My co-worker (and dear friend of mine) and I went and gorged ourselves on Indian food today.  We had multiple large cracker-like...crackers,  2 slices of garlic naan bread each, *enough rice to feed multiple large mice (I'm sure mice like rice...and if they do, they'd eat plenty), chicken curry, and tandoori chicken.  Needless to say, I had enough food to last me for the rest of the day.  Just kidding, I'll be hungry again in a few hours.  

Rene with her food (and my chicken)

We have decided that once a week, we will go out and try a new type of food.  Not necessarily new, but foreign.  Ethiopian, Sushi, Middle-Eastern, Southern (Deep south.  Still in America, but we don't have much of that food in Colorado), Thai, and whatever else we may find.  Denver has a fair amount of delicious restaurants, you just have to look.  Some of the best ones are tucked away, and are stumbled across only by accident.  Personally, I'm for a big bowl of Pho next week.  

Now for the latest YES news!  Not too much is going on, aside from the fact that I received my doctors/dentist form that has to be filled out before March 14 if I become a semi-finalist, along with an academic credit form.  I'm really hoping that I am going to have to fill those out.  I want to win this scholarship so badly.  It is everything I have been searching for and hoping to do for years.  I suppose I just have to keep hoping!  Just keep hoping, just keep hoping, just keep hoping, hoping, hoping.  *to the tune of  Just keep swimming from Finding Nemo*

*Pardon the mice reference.  Mice rhymed with rice, so I decided it worked as a metaphor.

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