Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hum de dum my hair is periwinkle...wait what?

You read that right.  Before it was a lovely mix of pinks and purples and blues.  Well, I tried bleaching it all (didn't work as well as I so hoped) and dying it gray.  The gray turned an awkward shade of periwinkle.  See here...or over there.  I added some hot pink, blue, purple, and green streaks to the bottom layer.  It looks lovely in a braid...but I miss the pink on top.  I MUST NOT BLEACH ANYMORE.  Otherwise I would become an incredibly sad Olivia with zero hair.  You can't dye bald.

To prove that I actually have hair skills, I cut and dyed my friend's hair.  I feel rather proud.

Anyways, on to things that are actually exchange related.  I was able to grab my transcript from my counselor a few days ago, and I'm going to go make sure my recommendations haven't been forgotten about.  I plan to turn my application in by Monday hopefully!  Maybe even earlier.  Then I just have over a month of waiting.  Oh goodness.  The suspense!

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