Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Type, type, type away my friend

Today was one long string of travel.  Add the unfortunate fact that I have caught a cold, and you have a rather tired and sniffly Olivia.  My family and I had to drive three and a half hours to the airport, catch our flight, have a quick layover in Salt Lake City, then we were finally home.  Now, we will drive twenty-two hours in the next 48.  I'm mildly exhausted.

Anywho, something good came out of my hours spent in flying tubes with wings (really if you think about it, that's what airplanes look like...), and that is the near completion of all my essay questions for my YES application!  *does a small dance then falls over from a coughing fit* That is highly exciting for me, as it marks the near completion of my application.  I just need to finish up the host family letter, add my pictures, parent statement, transcript, and I'm done!

Well, I must get to bed.  I have to get up at the zombie-like hour of 4:30 AM tomorrow.

Bon soir,


P.S. I enjoy taking pictures of take-offs and landings  while I'm flying.  Enjoy this one.  My iPhone takes fairly good pictures.

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