Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Oh my introductions...

Hello all!

My name is Olivia (or Liv, as the title of this blog implies) and I am applying for the '12-'13 Kennedy-Lugar YES Abroad scholarship.

For those of you that don't know, the Kennedy-Lugar YES Abroad scholarship was started after the September 11 terrorist attacks to help forge connections and relationships between muslim countries and America.  This year, 55 students are being sent to various countries (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Oman, Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Morocco, Mali, Ghana, India, and Indonesia) to live and study.  They become youth ambassadors, educating others about American culture, while learning more about their host countries culture.  This is just a very basic description, but hopefully it gives you some insight as to what the program is.

At the moment, I am finishing up my application.  Aside from the occasional oh my goodness, I hope that my personality shines through enough moments, it has actually been kind of enjoyable.  Yes, I just said I liked filling out an application.  It's exciting, and makes everything seem so real.  However, sometimes it is hard to put down my exact thoughts.  It sounds good in my head, but sometimes not as swell on the page. My top countries at the moment are Oman, Egypt, Turkey, and India.  However, if I got chosen, no matter what country I got, I would fall to the floor in paroxysms of delight.

Well, nothing else too terribly interesting is going at the moment, but I will keep you updated!


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