Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Days

I have been on summer break for a little bit over a week now.  I have to say...I don't think I have really even sat down to take a breather.  I'm trying to pack as much as I possibly can into these three months I suppose.  I went to my dad's band's concert with Guttermouth and Pennywise, went out on the boat with my family, taken a brutal yoga class, worked, watched two scary movies (The Blaire Witch Project and Don't Be Afraid of the Dark) and Up with a buddy, dyed another friend's hair, gone to eat Thai food and ice cream with a lovely coworker, and went to a fantastic fair up in Boulder.  Even after all of that, I probably forgot something.  Oh yeah, I went to my little sister's graduation from Kindergarten as well.

On the exchange front, I had a conference call a few days ago.  It was basic information on the AFS safety and support structure, and then we talked about the homework assignments that we were given to read a day or two beforehand.  Much to my dismay, I was on mute when I attempted to talk, so my plan to sound smart was foiled.  Whoops.  I will have to make up for it at our next call on June 12th or 13th.  Depending on which day I attend.  My final (I think) conference call is country specific to Turkey on August 6th.  

On a very exciting note, I HAVE A DEPARTURE DATE!!!  I leave September 5th to New York for my Gateway Orientation, and September 6th for Turkey.  It seems so far away...but it will probably sneak up on me.  

At the moment, that's really all the updates I have.  So, here are some pictures that show a bit of my life at the moment.

Rayne's hair!  (she wanted to go blonde...but eventually I convinced her to come over to the dark side)

My little sister and I at her graduation.  Best.  Faces.  Ever.

Not really summer, but here was my prom sari!

Stretching while watching the Bellagio fountains.


I've been a bit obsessed with this song lately.

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