Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Warped Tour, Pride, and Stolen Wallets

Hello everyone!

Today is exactly one week from the YES Abroad PDO...and I still have no idea what to wear.  And my wallet got stolen with my driver's license in it.  So that's fun.  Here's another mad scramble for identification this time.  Oh people and their greed.  So you got $40, an unusable driver's license, a school ID, and a cancelled debit card.  Ooooh, you're cool.  Sorry.  I'm irritated.

Anyway.  This weekend has been CRAZY hectic.  First I went to Pride Fest with a couple of my buddies, and we decked ourselves out in anything rainbow that the vendors gave us.  I think I have around 10 rainbow themed stickers.
Isn't he amazing?!  I absolutely adore his hair.

My lovely rainbow nails painted for the event.

Next up, the absolutely fantastic and amazing WARPED TOUR!  It was insanely hot and exhausting, but worth every minute.  Except for the stolen wallet part.  I was with my kin.  So many people had colored hair.  I saw Ten Second Epic (a Canadian band that I had never heard of that is wonderful), Yellowcard, We The Kings, part of All Time Low, and Of Mice & Men.  I would have really liked to have seen Sleeping With Sirens and Falling In Reverse, but they conflicted with some of the bands both my friend and I wanted to see.  Then the best part of the day was the signing with Of Mice & Men.  I got in line 10 minutes before it was set to start...and figured out that my wallet was gone.  With my ticket in it.  Freaking out, I booked it halfway across the entire festival to the merch booth and pleaded with the merch guy in near tears to help me get in.  To my extreme relief, he wrote on my arm in sharpie that it was okay if I got to meet them.  They signed my shirt, and added various facial features to it and we made casual conversation.  At the end I got to Austin Carlile, who is ranked up there as one of my idols.  I asked for a hug.  And got one.  It was a fantastic hug.  During the hug, he said "Thank you.  I love you." All I managed to blubber out was thank you, then I tottered away grinning like a mad person.  

Two and a half hours later, after braving a horde of people, I was one person away from the stage which Of Mice & Men was performing on.  Needless to say I got mildly beat up from crowd surfers and the four man mosh pit going on beside me, but I have never been so inspired by a show.  Merely four years ago, Austin (lead singer) was at Warped Tour (in Colorado) watching everyone perform.  He decided that one day, he would be up there performing himself.  And now he is.  I'm just as determined to be up there myself one day.

I didn't take this, I was to the far left in the front somewhere.  I don't think you can see me.

This is mine.  It's crappy quality, but I was very close to the stage!  Sorry it's so jumpy, I was being bumped around a bit.

Well, that's really all I have for now.  I might have one more post before the PDO, but who knows.  


Two videos today!

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